Living and working out of Selkirk Doug’s journey to working with wood is a route as organic as the lines he carves into his woodwork.

Doug’s ethos is preventing old wood being chipped or burnt and instead bring the material back to life by making it into beautiful and functional pieces of furniture.

“We waste too much timber, I want to see the day when we have lots of woodworkers re-cycling wood into beautiful furniture.

Too many commercial forestry sites are wasting our landscapes and turning the ground underneath them acidic .

The more woodland we have the better the chance for our future generations.”

Finding small pieces of wood in skips, building sites and just lying about. Doug gets inspiration from working with material, it guides him. The natural flow within the grains and the types wood decides what the piece becomes. He still getting excited when staining the artwork: “you just don’t know what colours will come out – it’s like Christmas morning every time I stain a piece”.

Doug’s work is practical, the artwork also has function but he has developed his practice into sculptural artwork and continues to explore ‘wood art’.

3rd Life Woodwork is so called because the wood was grown, its first life, then made into an object, a table, a joist, a wardrobe, its second life, then finally Doug gives the material a final chance to give it its third life as a sculpture or furniture.

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