Being brought up on a farm I’ve always been close to nature, especially trees. The soft flowing lines of the surrounding landscape viewed as a child gave me an eye for the lines that I now use in my woodwork.

The journey of how I came to work with wood is as organic as the lines carved in my woodwork.

As I child I admired trees, the huge complex structures, used as adventure playgrounds for me and my siblings were marvellous.

Wood, as a material, was always seen and used as a functional material. We would burn wood from trees that were damaged in storms and use it to repair structures around the farm, which is where I gained my first engineering and wood working experience.

I have always had a creative mind with a strong desire to design and build, always looking at structures and objects and wondering how they were constructed. This fascination and endless appetite for creativity led me back to wood and to my inspiring tutor, Mr Alexander Sutherland or ‘Salty’ to his friends.

Finally I connected with someone’s style and belief in recycling that I could get my hands and mind round and everything fell into place.

Salty was a man whose mould was definitely broken when he came into the world. That is what I liked about the man and his style. His work was non conformist, bold and beautiful to the eye. His style was very organic, like Gaudi.

He believed that you find wood and let it give you a clue of what to build, work with the shapes that nature gave it and always take the wood that others were rejecting. His reasoning, your saving wood going to landfill and you get it cheap!. I took a two week course and the rest is history.

Sadly Salty is no longer with us and through my work I continue with his style and teaching, promoting wood for what it is. I hope to pass on his style and my own to others that my be interested.

The two types of wood that I use are either reclaimed wood that I find or is given to me or locally sourced wood from sustainable woodland. I have had a chance to develop my own style and this is constantly changing as I get new ideas. I like the large and natural feel of the wood that I work with and it is these qualities that give my pieces a very tactile quality.

Please, enjoy my woodwork, touch it and use it and if you have any questions about my woodwork please get in touch.

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