In this exhibition I am trying to capture the relationship between colours, shapes and forms, knowing that they can work in harmony if they are allowed to do so. We are surrounded by them where ever we look, whatever we do, we even hear them. We handle shapes and we use colour as we go along.

This show is about capturing that harmony, leaving us with beauty and also a mystery. Questions to be raised. Why? I can do that. Nothing within the forms and shapes have the answer but at the same it is. The brain does relate to the forms and shapes and recognize them for what they are, so they act like a signal to our thinking, and yet they don’t have to represent anything apart from what they simply are. A child will know what they are, and if we trust, so does an adult.

These paintings have the power in whatever direction you turn them they will always speak and give us an inspiration or take us somewhere where we can identify ourselves….. Yes try to turn them 360 degrees there are no rules to them they are free to float and inspire the way the viewer likes to see them. I had to be free when I made just to let go of any rules or conditions, I expressed my feelings and they are irrelevent to the final work, a process each artist goes through. I wouldn’t be hanging on to that process it is gone what you have is a painting, an object either you relate to it or not. you like it or not it is here now. the viewer is free to see what they like in this work.

Enjoy the show, I would like your support in keeping a piece in your home to remind you of me and what I do. Life is too short, get yourself a Mad Nomad painting. I enjoyed curating this show on the first 16 days of the first month of the year 2016.

Thank you for your visit to Mad Nomad Gallery.