Folk Tales | Exhibition statement

Folk Tales

Folk Tales | an illustrators exhibition

“There is no challenge more exciting than to bring a story to life with pictures”

Katherine Soutar is the cover illustrator for the Folk Tales book series published by the History Press.

The series covers each county in the British Isles and to date, Katherine has created 70 stunning images to accompany each published volume.  She is currently working on the 71st.

Each illustration is Katherine’s response to the stories and the characters within the pages of the books.

Frequent walks in the magical woodland close by her home drive her creative mind and it is clear by the quality of her work that she creates with passion, honesty and integrity.  Every story and every character is lovingly researched and realised.

Influenced by Chagall, Blake and Rackham and inspired by themes of myth, legend and fantasy.  Her illustrations reflect her love of the natural and spiritual world that the Folk Tales inhabit, the ancient wisdom of the countryside and the richness of the oral traditions of this land.